The Inferno Dragon is now available on Clash Royale

The Inferno Dragon is now available on Clash Royale

It has already been 10 days since the announcement of the new legendary card of Clash Royale the Inferno Dragon, and finally, we can use it. Remember that there will still be two new cards if you want to know which ones entered here: Graveyard and Ice Golem will arrive at Clash Royale.

The Inferno Dragon card can be likened to an Inferno but moving tower. As you know the Inferno Tower did more damage the longer is attacking the troops, the same goes for the Inferno Dragon.

Their appearance and animations are the same as those of the Dragon Bebe with the difference of the barrel that it carries in the back and the helmet. This barrel is the cause of his great attack.

Interesting combinations with Inferno Dragon

By its high attack, we see that it almost comes to knock down a tower before dying. For if this great face we add a mirror to be able to obtain two Inferno Dragons at the same time we will destroy a tower without problem some and depending on how it defends our rival we will be able to do some damage to its castle of the king.

Other combinations that occur to me is to join the Inferno Dragon with cards that paralyze or freeze the defenses of the rival and gain time to do much damage. It could be combined with ice spirits, with the ice wizard, with the ice spell and even with the Zap.

How to Reset the Inferno Dragon

You must think that it is just like an Inferno tower, so the ways to reset your damage and start again are the same on both cards. Remember to test the reset when the card is causing its maximum damage, it is not worth giving at first and after the reset costs the same, unless we kill it fast.

A perfect option to try the reset is to throw a zap. Another card that we can use and even cheaper is the ice spirit, with this option, we still win much more since it is a cheaper card than the zap and above paralyzes for two seconds the Inferno Dragon.

If you do not have any of these cards remember throwing many units to try to stop it. Much better to use a horde of henchmen than a baby dragon, basically because between troop and troop reload and is being reset their damage all the time. Surely we will provoke more damage in the Inferno Dragon using goblins than with a dragon.

Another affordable option to stop the Inferno Dragon is to use the Lightning, apart from resetting your attack will cause you much damage. It will just have a little life that we will finish with any troop and for a cost of only 4 elixirs.

Cons of the Inferno Dragon

It is a letter of Clash Royale quite weak to what life is concerned. A lightning bolt or a fireball can make it quite touched. Its speed of the movement is average.

The henchmen can end the Inferno Dragon without problems as it only attacks one unit at a time and when the kills reset the attack does not end up being effective against several troops.

Never defend an army of skeletons with an Inferno Dragon since it will begin to attack one by one and you will destroy a tower that you have killed to the skeletons.

Now it’s your turn to see the legendary new Clash Royale card in action. I leave you the video of nickatnyte explaining how to use it correctly.

In short, the Inferno Dragon is a great card to defend and above as we go the defense can attack after defending.

If you want to keep up with all the news of Clash Royale do not hesitate and visit us often. Until next time.

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