The Electro Wizard Challenge Guide at Clash Royale

The Electro Wizard Challenge Guide at Clash Royale

Good morning everyone. I’m happy to write about great news like this. Throughout this weekend we will be able to participate in a great Clash Royale event, called the Electro Wizard Challenge and it is an event that we can not miss as it has the legendary Electro Wizard as a reward.

The Electro Wizard Challenge

As with all Clash Royale events, the first entry fee is free. With 12 wins in this event we will win 22,000 gold, 1100 cards and the Electro Wizard.

The first prize, besides being able to get the Electro Wizard, is equal to the prize of the great challenge, so I think that I do not get much wet announcing that the price of entrance to the challenge of the Electro Wizard will be of 100 gems.

The challenge will begin Friday and will be available until Monday. This event brings surprises included and it is not only because we win a legendary card if we get the 12 victories but because it has a different and unique operation.

The important thing and the best of this challenge is that we have to create a deck with the Electro Wizard being able to choose to form the deck any card of the game. Yes, you have read well, we can use any card. Although the card is not yet available, during this event, we will be able to use it.

Without much more to add to the event, we are going to indicate how to use the Electro Wizard and we will create some mallets so that you win without a doubt the 12 victories.

How to use the Electro Wizard

We’ll talk about the card first. The Electro Wizard will be unlocked in Arena 7. Its description reads as follows: Land with rumble stuns nearby enemies and throws lightning with both hands. He loves being the center of attention …

When launching the card has the effect that a zap or discharge but to greater will be active in departure the Electro Wizard. Being a unit and not a spell we will not be able to throw it anywhere in the arena.

The Electro Wizard, apart from the damage of the first zap, will send beams through his hands, causing 117 damage per second in level 1. For his life to calculate that a fireball will destroy him by the hairs.

Very important!! The Electro Wizard produces reset to Sparks, Inferno Tower, and Inferno Dragon. Each time he throws his beams will reset them with what a spark will never hurt him, and the Electro Wizard will destroy it by throwing 6 rays. It also produces brief paralysis in all cards.

Having said all this, I think it is clear how to use this new card during the event. Now let’s see a couple of good combinations for the game.

The best decks with the Electro Wizard

Well then we will indicate a few combinations of cards to form good decks with the Electro Wizard and that you can have an excellent opportunity to win if or if this great card.

  • Electro Wizard – Giant – Fireball – Musketeer – Mega Minion – Bowler – Tombstone – Trunk
  • Electro Wizard – Lava Hound – Fireball – Miner – Mega Minion – Minion Horde – Tombstone – Elite Barbarians
  • Electro Wizard – Golem – Fireball – Baby Dragon – Mega Minion – Archers – Tombstone – Trunk
  • Electro Wizard – Ice Spirit – Goblin Barrel – Elite Barbarians – Princess – Mini P.E.K.K.A. – Minion Horde
  • Electro Wizard – Fireball – Ice Wizard – Elite Barbarians – X-Bow – Bomb Tower – Fire Spirits – Ice Golem

Electro Wizard Tips and Trick Video

Well, I think with all these decks you can do great things, then we leave a video of nickatnyte playing against Chieft Pat where you will see several decks of the above in action and some more. Surely you will use this information very well, and you will get the new letter.

I hope that if you find good combinations of decks you put them in the comments of this guide on how to use the Electro Wizard and its best combinations. To see more guides go to the section of the best guides of Clash Royale.

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