The Dart Goblin is now available –  Tips to use it properly

The Dart Goblin is now available – Tips to use it properly

In the last update of Clash Royale announced 4 new letters and I am pleased to inform you that the waiting to receive the Dart Goblin has concluded. There are still enough to have them all since there are 14 days between the launch of one and the next, but hey, the important thing is that new letters come to the game.

For those who do not remember, with the arrival of the Lancer Daredevil also arrives the new jungle Arena, well, it is rather the other way around, with the new sand come to the new cards. Of the new arena, we will not mention much since at the time we already discussed how it would be and what’s new, the only thing you have to know is that it will be available between 2600 cups and 3000 cups.

Dart Goblin the new special card

Run fast, shoot away and chew gum, so define their creators to this letter of Clash Royale. Let’s talk a bit about their stats and features. It unlocks in Arena 9 (the jungle sand), and its targets are dirt and air. Its cost is 3 elixir points.

In the first level it has the following specifications:

  • Health points: 123
  • Damage per second: 75
  • Damage: 53
  • Attack speed: 0.7s
  • Objectives: Earth and air
  • Speed: Very high
  • Scope: 6.5
  • Display time: 1s

For the type of card that is, we must look at the hit points, the damage per second and the range. When analyzing this data, we can determine that this card is between the values of the Goblins and the Archers. If we launch the spear-throwing elf and the archers would end up with an elixir factory at the same time as the speed of attack of the goblin is much higher and equal the damage of two archers.

The life of this unit is also situated between archers and elves anyway. Finally, it is possible to emphasize the scope of the trope, at the moment is the second troop with the longest reach, only the princess surpasses in reach. A cannon will be loaded without problems since the latter will not be able to launch the first attack. The same applies to the Hell Tower.

Counter of the Dart Goblin

As I said before, life is inferior to that of archers. When we shoot arrows against the archers, this in clear tournament rules, the archers survive with a little life, but the new Clash Royale card does not support it and dies. With this, you can already have an idea of where the shots go since the archers have them dominated.

Anyway, I am going to summarize some cards letters that can quickly destroy the Goblin Slayer. The best cards to make you counter ranked by elixir cost are the Trunk, Arrows, and Fireball. Some will think that the download would also be a good letter, because it is not, survive with a little life. Here is the difference with regular elves.

The best uses for the Dart Goblin

For its high speed and enough damage, the level is a perfect card to defend against certain cards that give us a lot of cans. Next, I specify the list of cards with which we must use the impersonator pitchers and defend ourselves relatively easy.

  • Graveyard: I believe that with the birth of this new goblin has come to the best letter to support us from the Graveyard. If we throw the leprechaun within the radius of attack of the Graveyard, we will defeat all the skeletons without the problem.
  • Skeleton Army: As you know this is a very used card that we can destroy with the discharge or the arrows very quickly but now we have another card that will also end with these annoying skeletons. Because of the speed of the spearmen in the attack, if we throw it next to a tower, between the tower and the goblin will end up with the army of skeletons without being disheveled.
  • Cannon: With the new goblin we can destroy the cannon without even entering the range of attack of the Cannon, so we will not receive any damage.
  • Inferno Tower: This is the same case as the previous one, we will destroy the Inferno Tower, and we will not enter its range with which it will not harm us.

It is important that you take the advantage that gives us its great scope of attack since we can defend a tower throwing the leprechaun in the opposite line. I think that with all this information you will have to understand more or less how to use this new letter of Clash Royale.

Mace with Dart Goblin

Next, I’ll recommend a few decks where you can perfectly fit this card.

The fastest deck

Dart Goblin – Skeletons Army – Ice Golem – Zap – Furnace – Goblin Barrel – Miner – Fireball: This deck has an average elixir cost of 3. It seems like a balanced Deck where we will be all the time rotating units, and we can defend against other cards without problems.

In attack also we have great combinations, his thing would be to throw the Golem of Ice to receive the damage of the tower, soon miner and last barrel of goblins. But I say, because of the little elixir that cost the letters we can do a lot of combinations and many units.

Dart Goblin with Elite Barbarians

Dart Goblin – Prince – Zap – Minions – Elite Barbarians – Ice Golem – Trunk – Mega Minion: We continue with another deck with a low elixir cost, only 3 elixirs but this time it is because we use entirely different elixir cost cards. Think that we have two cards with 5 and 6 respectively but significantly improve our attack.

In defense, we continue with many very versatile cards, but the vast improvement in this deck is the attack, Ice Golem, Prince and Elite Barbarians, we need little more logically all of us can not throw at the beginning of the game, but with the double Elixir we can do havoc.

To finish the article we put the video nickatnyte where we can see the troll in action.

Remember that if you want to know more about the new method to get Clash Royale Free Gems instantly . I also leave the link the guides: See the best guides of Clash Royale.

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