Clash Royale Double Elixir Challenge Mates – Get 12 Wins

Clash Royale Double Elixir Challenge Mates – Get 12 Wins

This weekend Clash Royale will launch a new event and in this case is a challenge that we already know because it has already been active and it is the Double Elixir Challenge.

This time we will not have a free entrance fee to the challenge, from the beginning it will cost 50 gems to accede to the challenge. Surely we do not have a free entry because it is an event that has already existed in the game. With what we believe that if they repeated any other challenge would happen the same thing. The first prize of the double elixir challenge is exactly half the Grand Challenge award, 11000 Gold, and 550 Cards.

The operation of the challenge is the same as the previous time it was active, we will have double elixir from the beginning of the game, we will not have to wait until the last minute, the Elixir x2 will always be active.

As it is a challenge that we already play little else we have to count on him so we will limit ourselves to doing the best that can be done on these occasions, to tell you the best advice to play this type of challenge and recommend you a few decks.

Tips to overcome the double elixir challenge

We have to take advantage of the double Elixir to the maximum so we must form mallets that on ordinary occasions we would not do. As you know, there are cards that because of their enormous cost of elixir are not usually combined with the cost of elixir middle of the deck is raised or if we choose cards with a large cost of elixir we try to compensate with cheap cards to have a balanced Deck.

For in this case, it is not necessary to be so conservative with the cost of the middle elixir of the deck you have to go for it all.

We can combine fearless Golem and Three Musketeers. It will not be necessary to eat the pot in which letters will accompany them, simply think about having a high attack and that the other letters serve you to defend by land and by air.

In this event, you must damage the enemy tower little by little, with so much movement of cards does not despair for not making the common attack of leaving the dead tower with two good combinations of cards. If you are consistent with your strategy, you will come to the central tower with ease.

If you do not use super high elixir cards like Golem or Three Musketeers, do not have doubts between discharge or FireBall, always FireBall. We will further damage the enemy, and the damage is also by Splash. Do this same exercise with other cards you choose.

Double Elixir Challenge Mates

Below we will show you recommended decks for this event and a few guidelines to use the deck.

Double deck Golem

This Clash Royale Deck will consist of: Golem – Lightning – Furnace – Poison – Mega Pekka – Guards – Ice Golem – Tombstone

Let’s talk about defense. As usual with the Tombstone, we will throw it in the center of our defense as a distraction. The Furnace will be placed behind our tower and will serve to get rid of Minions, Skeleton Army and troops of the style. Apart from that, we will damage and distract the rest of the troops that the rival launches to us little by little. If at any moment we get out of hand we throw the Lightning and it’s over.

For the attack it is obvious, Golem and Ice Golem in the front doing their tank work, megawatch and guards fighting everything they throw us while we arrive at the tower and to finish poison in the enemy tower while we attack with everything.

This deck seems an excellent option, could even be used to raise drinks replacing the Ray by the discharge.

Deck with Golem and Three Musketeers

This Clash Royale Deck will consist of: Golem – Three Musketeers – Fireball – Mega Pekka – Skeleton Army – Musketeers – Zap – Trunk

Many will know how to use this deck. The primary objective is to launch the Golem and just behind the Three Musketeers. But this challenge is so hectic that you will throw a thousand letters before that combination arrives or if you get it, you will stop it relatively quickly but not without damaging your tower.

The good thing is that you have one of the best attacks in the game and many possibilities for defense. We have the Trunk to destroy many units of a blow, the discharge to damage the Horde or many units as the Trunk, in short, a mallet balanced in defense and above all very effective.

Deck with Elite Barbarians and Electro Wizard

This Clash Royale Deck will consist of: Elite Barbarians – Electric Wizard – Hog Rider – Fireball – Skeleton Army – Archers – Tornado – Tombstone

This is a very balanced deck that we can use to climb in Arena 7. Hog Rider and elite Barbarians will lead the joint attack to the Tornado and Fireball to get rid of everything that we try to defend.

For the defense, we will have to the Tombstone always put to distract and the Electro Wizard, which with its initial discharge and its paralysis each time that attacks it turns it into an excellent letter in defense and attack. Combining these two cards with the rest we should be able to face almost any deck that we put ahead.

Deck with Clone Spell and Barbarians

This Clash Royale Deck will consist of: Elixir Factory – Barbarians – Clone Spell – Mirror – Minion Horde – Minions – Barbarians – Skeleton Army

The perfect attack would be with Barbarians, Mirror, Minion Horde and Clone Spell. Imagine what a tower would last. The issue is that with a discharge or a Trunk like what we had in the previous deck we would destroy all clones but still the originals would not die, and we would be attacking a tower with 8 Barbarians and Minions. Although he quickly defends the damage to the tower would be considerable.

The Elixir Factory can be used as a distraction or thrown behind a tower to generate even more Elixir. Personally, I think with double Elixir we do not need much distraction.

You will believe that another card could replace the Skeleton Army, but think that if we manage to launch Barbarians, Mirror, Clone Spell and Skeleton Army if the enemy defends us without splashing it will take too long to eliminate a large number of troops generated by us and we will melt it.

This is a risky deck but well used is insane.

During these days we will be adding more Decks as there are endless possibilities but the important thing is to know how to use each card and be effective. To see how to use Clash Royale Hack tool or other guides go to the section of the best guides of Clash Royale. I hope to see your decks in the comments.

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