The Dart Goblin is now available –  Tips to use it properly

The Dart Goblin is now available – Tips to use it properly

In the last update of Clash Royale announced 4 new letters and I am pleased to inform you that the waiting to receive the Dart Goblin has concluded. There are still enough to have them all since there are 14 days between the launch of one and the next, but hey, the important thing is that new letters come to the game.

For those who do not remember, with the arrival of the Lancer Daredevil also arrives the new jungle Arena, well, it is rather the other way around, with the new sand come to the new cards. Of the new arena, we will not mention much since at the time we already discussed how it would be and what’s new, the only thing you have to know is that it will be available between 2600 cups and 3000 cups.

Dart Goblin the new special card

Run fast, shoot away and chew gum, so define their creators to this letter of Clash Royale. Let’s talk a bit about their stats and features. It unlocks in Arena 9 (the jungle sand), and its targets are dirt and air. Its cost is 3 elixir points.

In the first level it has the following specifications:

  • Health points: 123
  • Damage per second: 75
  • Damage: 53
  • Attack speed: 0.7s
  • Objectives: Earth and air
  • Speed: Very high
  • Scope: 6.5
  • Display time: 1s

For the type of card that is, we must look at the hit points, the damage per second and the range. When analyzing this data, we can determine that this card is between the values of the Goblins and the Archers. If we launch the spear-throwing elf and the archers would end up with an elixir factory at the same time as the speed of attack of the goblin is much higher and equal the damage of two archers.

The life of this unit is also situated between archers and elves anyway. Finally, it is possible to emphasize the scope of the trope, at the moment is the second troop with the longest reach, only the princess surpasses in reach. A cannon will be loaded without problems since the latter will not be able to launch the first attack. The same applies to the Hell Tower.

Counter of the Dart Goblin

As I said before, life is inferior to that of archers. When we shoot arrows against the archers, this in clear tournament rules, the archers survive with a little life, but the new Clash Royale card does not support it and dies. With this, you can already have an idea of where the shots go since the archers have them dominated.

Anyway, I am going to summarize some cards letters that can quickly destroy the Goblin Slayer. The best cards to make you counter ranked by elixir cost are the Trunk, Arrows, and Fireball. Some will think that the download would also be a good letter, because it is not, survive with a little life. Here is the difference with regular elves.

The best uses for the Dart Goblin

For its high speed and enough damage, the level is a perfect card to defend against certain cards that give us a lot of cans. Next, I specify the list of cards with which we must use the impersonator pitchers and defend ourselves relatively easy.

  • Graveyard: I believe that with the birth of this new goblin has come to the best letter to support us from the Graveyard. If we throw the leprechaun within the radius of attack of the Graveyard, we will defeat all the skeletons without the problem.
  • Skeleton Army: As you know this is a very used card that we can destroy with the discharge or the arrows very quickly but now we have another card that will also end with these annoying skeletons. Because of the speed of the spearmen in the attack, if we throw it next to a tower, between the tower and the goblin will end up with the army of skeletons without being disheveled.
  • Cannon: With the new goblin we can destroy the cannon without even entering the range of attack of the Cannon, so we will not receive any damage.
  • Inferno Tower: This is the same case as the previous one, we will destroy the Inferno Tower, and we will not enter its range with which it will not harm us.

It is important that you take the advantage that gives us its great scope of attack since we can defend a tower throwing the leprechaun in the opposite line. I think that with all this information you will have to understand more or less how to use this new letter of Clash Royale.

Mace with Dart Goblin

Next, I’ll recommend a few decks where you can perfectly fit this card.

The fastest deck

Dart Goblin – Skeletons Army – Ice Golem – Zap – Furnace – Goblin Barrel – Miner – Fireball: This deck has an average elixir cost of 3. It seems like a balanced Deck where we will be all the time rotating units, and we can defend against other cards without problems.

In attack also we have great combinations, his thing would be to throw the Golem of Ice to receive the damage of the tower, soon miner and last barrel of goblins. But I say, because of the little elixir that cost the letters we can do a lot of combinations and many units.

Dart Goblin with Elite Barbarians

Dart Goblin – Prince – Zap – Minions – Elite Barbarians – Ice Golem – Trunk – Mega Minion: We continue with another deck with a low elixir cost, only 3 elixirs but this time it is because we use entirely different elixir cost cards. Think that we have two cards with 5 and 6 respectively but significantly improve our attack.

In defense, we continue with many very versatile cards, but the vast improvement in this deck is the attack, Ice Golem, Prince and Elite Barbarians, we need little more logically all of us can not throw at the beginning of the game, but with the double Elixir we can do havoc.

To finish the article we put the video nickatnyte where we can see the troll in action.

Remember that if you want to know more about the new method to get Clash Royale Free Gems instantly . I also leave the link the guides: See the best guides of Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Double Elixir Challenge Mates – Get 12 Wins

Clash Royale Double Elixir Challenge Mates – Get 12 Wins

This weekend Clash Royale will launch a new event and in this case is a challenge that we already know because it has already been active and it is the Double Elixir Challenge.

This time we will not have a free entrance fee to the challenge, from the beginning it will cost 50 gems to accede to the challenge. Surely we do not have a free entry because it is an event that has already existed in the game. With what we believe that if they repeated any other challenge would happen the same thing. The first prize of the double elixir challenge is exactly half the Grand Challenge award, 11000 Gold, and 550 Cards.

The operation of the challenge is the same as the previous time it was active, we will have double elixir from the beginning of the game, we will not have to wait until the last minute, the Elixir x2 will always be active.

As it is a challenge that we already play little else we have to count on him so we will limit ourselves to doing the best that can be done on these occasions, to tell you the best advice to play this type of challenge and recommend you a few decks.

Tips to overcome the double elixir challenge

We have to take advantage of the double Elixir to the maximum so we must form mallets that on ordinary occasions we would not do. As you know, there are cards that because of their enormous cost of elixir are not usually combined with the cost of elixir middle of the deck is raised or if we choose cards with a large cost of elixir we try to compensate with cheap cards to have a balanced Deck.

For in this case, it is not necessary to be so conservative with the cost of the middle elixir of the deck you have to go for it all.

We can combine fearless Golem and Three Musketeers. It will not be necessary to eat the pot in which letters will accompany them, simply think about having a high attack and that the other letters serve you to defend by land and by air.

In this event, you must damage the enemy tower little by little, with so much movement of cards does not despair for not making the common attack of leaving the dead tower with two good combinations of cards. If you are consistent with your strategy, you will come to the central tower with ease.

If you do not use super high elixir cards like Golem or Three Musketeers, do not have doubts between discharge or FireBall, always FireBall. We will further damage the enemy, and the damage is also by Splash. Do this same exercise with other cards you choose.

Double Elixir Challenge Mates

Below we will show you recommended decks for this event and a few guidelines to use the deck.

Double deck Golem

This Clash Royale Deck will consist of: Golem – Lightning – Furnace – Poison – Mega Pekka – Guards – Ice Golem – Tombstone

Let’s talk about defense. As usual with the Tombstone, we will throw it in the center of our defense as a distraction. The Furnace will be placed behind our tower and will serve to get rid of Minions, Skeleton Army and troops of the style. Apart from that, we will damage and distract the rest of the troops that the rival launches to us little by little. If at any moment we get out of hand we throw the Lightning and it’s over.

For the attack it is obvious, Golem and Ice Golem in the front doing their tank work, megawatch and guards fighting everything they throw us while we arrive at the tower and to finish poison in the enemy tower while we attack with everything.

This deck seems an excellent option, could even be used to raise drinks replacing the Ray by the discharge.

Deck with Golem and Three Musketeers

This Clash Royale Deck will consist of: Golem – Three Musketeers – Fireball – Mega Pekka – Skeleton Army – Musketeers – Zap – Trunk

Many will know how to use this deck. The primary objective is to launch the Golem and just behind the Three Musketeers. But this challenge is so hectic that you will throw a thousand letters before that combination arrives or if you get it, you will stop it relatively quickly but not without damaging your tower.

The good thing is that you have one of the best attacks in the game and many possibilities for defense. We have the Trunk to destroy many units of a blow, the discharge to damage the Horde or many units as the Trunk, in short, a mallet balanced in defense and above all very effective.

Deck with Elite Barbarians and Electro Wizard

This Clash Royale Deck will consist of: Elite Barbarians – Electric Wizard – Hog Rider – Fireball – Skeleton Army – Archers – Tornado – Tombstone

This is a very balanced deck that we can use to climb in Arena 7. Hog Rider and elite Barbarians will lead the joint attack to the Tornado and Fireball to get rid of everything that we try to defend.

For the defense, we will have to the Tombstone always put to distract and the Electro Wizard, which with its initial discharge and its paralysis each time that attacks it turns it into an excellent letter in defense and attack. Combining these two cards with the rest we should be able to face almost any deck that we put ahead.

Deck with Clone Spell and Barbarians

This Clash Royale Deck will consist of: Elixir Factory – Barbarians – Clone Spell – Mirror – Minion Horde – Minions – Barbarians – Skeleton Army

The perfect attack would be with Barbarians, Mirror, Minion Horde and Clone Spell. Imagine what a tower would last. The issue is that with a discharge or a Trunk like what we had in the previous deck we would destroy all clones but still the originals would not die, and we would be attacking a tower with 8 Barbarians and Minions. Although he quickly defends the damage to the tower would be considerable.

The Elixir Factory can be used as a distraction or thrown behind a tower to generate even more Elixir. Personally, I think with double Elixir we do not need much distraction.

You will believe that another card could replace the Skeleton Army, but think that if we manage to launch Barbarians, Mirror, Clone Spell and Skeleton Army if the enemy defends us without splashing it will take too long to eliminate a large number of troops generated by us and we will melt it.

This is a risky deck but well used is insane.

During these days we will be adding more Decks as there are endless possibilities but the important thing is to know how to use each card and be effective. To see how to use Clash Royale Hack tool or other guides go to the section of the best guides of Clash Royale. I hope to see your decks in the comments.

The Electro Wizard Challenge Guide at Clash Royale

The Electro Wizard Challenge Guide at Clash Royale

Good morning everyone. I’m happy to write about great news like this. Throughout this weekend we will be able to participate in a great Clash Royale event, called the Electro Wizard Challenge and it is an event that we can not miss as it has the legendary Electro Wizard as a reward.

The Electro Wizard Challenge

As with all Clash Royale events, the first entry fee is free. With 12 wins in this event we will win 22,000 gold, 1100 cards and the Electro Wizard.

The first prize, besides being able to get the Electro Wizard, is equal to the prize of the great challenge, so I think that I do not get much wet announcing that the price of entrance to the challenge of the Electro Wizard will be of 100 gems.

The challenge will begin Friday and will be available until Monday. This event brings surprises included and it is not only because we win a legendary card if we get the 12 victories but because it has a different and unique operation.

The important thing and the best of this challenge is that we have to create a deck with the Electro Wizard being able to choose to form the deck any card of the game. Yes, you have read well, we can use any card. Although the card is not yet available, during this event, we will be able to use it.

Without much more to add to the event, we are going to indicate how to use the Electro Wizard and we will create some mallets so that you win without a doubt the 12 victories.

How to use the Electro Wizard

We’ll talk about the card first. The Electro Wizard will be unlocked in Arena 7. Its description reads as follows: Land with rumble stuns nearby enemies and throws lightning with both hands. He loves being the center of attention …

When launching the card has the effect that a zap or discharge but to greater will be active in departure the Electro Wizard. Being a unit and not a spell we will not be able to throw it anywhere in the arena.

The Electro Wizard, apart from the damage of the first zap, will send beams through his hands, causing 117 damage per second in level 1. For his life to calculate that a fireball will destroy him by the hairs.

Very important!! The Electro Wizard produces reset to Sparks, Inferno Tower, and Inferno Dragon. Each time he throws his beams will reset them with what a spark will never hurt him, and the Electro Wizard will destroy it by throwing 6 rays. It also produces brief paralysis in all cards.

Having said all this, I think it is clear how to use this new card during the event. Now let’s see a couple of good combinations for the game.

The best decks with the Electro Wizard

Well then we will indicate a few combinations of cards to form good decks with the Electro Wizard and that you can have an excellent opportunity to win if or if this great card.

  • Electro Wizard – Giant – Fireball – Musketeer – Mega Minion – Bowler – Tombstone – Trunk
  • Electro Wizard – Lava Hound – Fireball – Miner – Mega Minion – Minion Horde – Tombstone – Elite Barbarians
  • Electro Wizard – Golem – Fireball – Baby Dragon – Mega Minion – Archers – Tombstone – Trunk
  • Electro Wizard – Ice Spirit – Goblin Barrel – Elite Barbarians – Princess – Mini P.E.K.K.A. – Minion Horde
  • Electro Wizard – Fireball – Ice Wizard – Elite Barbarians – X-Bow – Bomb Tower – Fire Spirits – Ice Golem

Electro Wizard Tips and Trick Video

Well, I think with all these decks you can do great things, then we leave a video of nickatnyte playing against Chieft Pat where you will see several decks of the above in action and some more. Surely you will use this information very well, and you will get the new letter.

I hope that if you find good combinations of decks you put them in the comments of this guide on how to use the Electro Wizard and its best combinations. To see more guides go to the section of the best guides of Clash Royale.

The Inferno Dragon is now available on Clash Royale

The Inferno Dragon is now available on Clash Royale

It has already been 10 days since the announcement of the new legendary card of Clash Royale the Inferno Dragon, and finally, we can use it. Remember that there will still be two new cards if you want to know which ones entered here: Graveyard and Ice Golem will arrive at Clash Royale.

The Inferno Dragon card can be likened to an Inferno but moving tower. As you know the Inferno Tower did more damage the longer is attacking the troops, the same goes for the Inferno Dragon.

Their appearance and animations are the same as those of the Dragon Bebe with the difference of the barrel that it carries in the back and the helmet. This barrel is the cause of his great attack.

Interesting combinations with Inferno Dragon

By its high attack, we see that it almost comes to knock down a tower before dying. For if this great face we add a mirror to be able to obtain two Inferno Dragons at the same time we will destroy a tower without problem some and depending on how it defends our rival we will be able to do some damage to its castle of the king.

Other combinations that occur to me is to join the Inferno Dragon with cards that paralyze or freeze the defenses of the rival and gain time to do much damage. It could be combined with ice spirits, with the ice wizard, with the ice spell and even with the Zap.

How to Reset the Inferno Dragon

You must think that it is just like an Inferno tower, so the ways to reset your damage and start again are the same on both cards. Remember to test the reset when the card is causing its maximum damage, it is not worth giving at first and after the reset costs the same, unless we kill it fast.

A perfect option to try the reset is to throw a zap. Another card that we can use and even cheaper is the ice spirit, with this option, we still win much more since it is a cheaper card than the zap and above paralyzes for two seconds the Inferno Dragon.

If you do not have any of these cards remember throwing many units to try to stop it. Much better to use a horde of henchmen than a baby dragon, basically because between troop and troop reload and is being reset their damage all the time. Surely we will provoke more damage in the Inferno Dragon using goblins than with a dragon.

Another affordable option to stop the Inferno Dragon is to use the Lightning, apart from resetting your attack will cause you much damage. It will just have a little life that we will finish with any troop and for a cost of only 4 elixirs.

Cons of the Inferno Dragon

It is a letter of Clash Royale quite weak to what life is concerned. A lightning bolt or a fireball can make it quite touched. Its speed of the movement is average.

The henchmen can end the Inferno Dragon without problems as it only attacks one unit at a time and when the kills reset the attack does not end up being effective against several troops.

Never defend an army of skeletons with an Inferno Dragon since it will begin to attack one by one and you will destroy a tower that you have killed to the skeletons.

Now it’s your turn to see the legendary new Clash Royale card in action. I leave you the video of nickatnyte explaining how to use it correctly.

In short, the Inferno Dragon is a great card to defend and above as we go the defense can attack after defending.

If you want to keep up with all the news of Clash Royale do not hesitate and visit us often. Until next time.

Battle Deck Strategy in Clash Royale

Battle Deck Strategy in Clash Royale

Once Clash Royale has come out for iOS and Android we will teach you how to attack and defend yourself inside the game so that we can upload drinks, get all the cards quickly and become a TOP player. For this, these Clash Royale guides are born on Battle Mages. We will make a saga of guides explaining different combinations and how to use them.

Battle Deck by Clash Royale

On this occasion, we have chosen some cards that combine very well and with which we will get to perform some interesting battles. It is important to think about attack and defense, both are important. The Clash Royale Battle deck will consist of the following cards:

  • Mirror: This card can cast the card thrown above will use it when we are rushed in defense and need more support from archers for example, or can also serve us to launch a surprise offense with two Hog Rider at a time (being an Attack that almost nobody expected).
  • Baby Dragon: This card is perfect for defending, as it has splash damage even if it does not have much. To this letter to support the, we will have to help from the archers. The Baby Dragon will weaken the troops and absorb the damage while the archers are finishing the other troops without anything shooting them.
  • Fireball: This card we will use when we get too many troops, and we have nothing that can stop them, throwing the fireball most of the troops will fall. Except those who have a lot of life but will give us a little time due to the backwardness that this exerts on the troops.
  • Barbarians: The Barbarians are going to serve us as much for attack as for defense, the barbarians are excellent defending cards that have a lot of life like the Hog Rider, Giant, etc. To attack if you launch with barbarian troops like the Hog Rider can get to knock down the tower.
  • Archers: These Archers are going to be very useful in defense as mentioned before but they are also good in attack to have enough damage. Releasing the archers behind the Hog Rider will absorb the damage from the tower while the archers attack the tower directly.
  • Hog Rider: This card is the star of our deck, it’s going to be the one that will carry out most of the offense, but we’ll have to be careful not to get distracted since it will distract itself with all kinds of defensive buildings.
  • Lighting: This will be the letter that we will use to destroy the letters of defensive buildings that the enemy places to us in front of their towers. Having a lot of life will end most of the life of these defensive cards.
  • Tesla: This will be our special defensive building that we’ll always put right in the middle of our battle side. He will defend us from all the enemy troops, so he will be ahgĂ­ to help us distract and reduce the life to the enemy forces, in the case that they attack us with troops of great life will provide us a little more time.

Battle in Clash Royale

First, we have to consider how a campaign builds in Clash Royale.

  1. The result can be Victory, Defeat or Draw.
  2. The campaign will last at most four minutes. Of those four minutes, three of them will be the regular match and the last minute will be the sudden death where the first one that destroys a tower will be the one that will win (in case the three first minutes finish in a tie).
  3. The last two minutes of starting elixir production will double.

When we start the battle the first thing we will have to do is wait for our elixir bar to fill to the maximum when we have done it, we expect to see if our enemy releases any cards, if we see that he does not have two ways to start. The first of these will be to put the Tesla in the middle of our side if it has left us at the beginning, the second will be to release troops that cost little elixir and to structure our attack. We do not have to go crazy losing cards because we will have no cards or elixir to defend ourselves. As we know each person can have a different deck so the first few seconds we will notice the opponent’s cards and the cards that can finish ours, not to stumble more than once with the same stone. What we are going to do is always put the Tesla as it comes out because it will help us distract the enemy cards and give us a little more time that can be fundamental. The Tesla will not do miracles we have to help him on defense and try to go to counterattack.

With what we attack we will know that your cards will be distracted, so we will release a Baby Dragon with some archers to defend us. And if we are lucky we can attack with these same troops if they have not killed them, all we have to do is release a Hog Rider together With the Baby Dragon and the Archers. The tower will be distracted with the Dragon while the Hog Rider and the archers will be in charge of weakening the tower to pleasure. Once they have killed our troops by having the mirror card we can try to make another attack with Hog Rider, but it is not recommended since now it will have elixir to defend itself, and we will lose a precious elixir for our defense.

We prepare to defend ourselves, and the first thing we will do is place another Tesla, it is entirely possible that the enemy I have a Hog Rider is one of the most used cards in Clash Royale. The Tesla will force the Hog Rider to move to where the Tesla is in Which will fire our two towers. Although it is not necessary, we can release some Barbarians to assure us the defense besides that these will serve us later to go back to the attack releasing only Archers behind.

Clash Royale Mobile Example

Once we have destroyed your tower, you can do two things. The first one will defend us as we can so that the tower does not fall to us and win the game, or we can go to its other tower to make sure the game, although this last one will have its drawback because they can lay our tower. If we throw our tower we will have to go to its second tower by force, so will have to throw troops as soon as we lose our tower since left with a slight advantage of elixir and we have to make use of it. While the troops we have used to defend advance we make a small incursion on the side of the enemy tower exactly as we have with the other. In this, we can clear a little the way to the Hog Rider while we take life to the tower throwing during the Hog Rider a Fireball or Lightning.

We have to keep in mind that the first one that destroys a tower will have a slight advantage, but also it is necessary to say that in Clash Royale the same thing that you are winning suddenly you are losing, so there is no need to be lost.

If you have any doubt about the cards in this deck, you can see them in Discover all the cards of Clash Royale. Remember to visit other guides about how to get Clash Royale free gems to keep improving in the game. Share with us all your suggestions or doubts through the comments on the web.

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