Battle Deck Strategy in Clash Royale

Battle Deck Strategy in Clash Royale

Once Clash Royale has come out for iOS and Android we will teach you how to attack and defend yourself inside the game so that we can upload drinks, get all the cards quickly and become a TOP player. For this, these Clash Royale guides are born on Battle Mages. We will make a saga of guides explaining different combinations and how to use them.

Battle Deck by Clash Royale

On this occasion, we have chosen some cards that combine very well and with which we will get to perform some interesting battles. It is important to think about attack and defense, both are important. The Clash Royale Battle deck will consist of the following cards:

  • Mirror: This card can cast the card thrown above will use it when we are rushed in defense and need more support from archers for example, or can also serve us to launch a surprise offense with two Hog Rider at a time (being an Attack that almost nobody expected).
  • Baby Dragon: This card is perfect for defending, as it has splash damage even if it does not have much. To this letter to support the, we will have to help from the archers. The Baby Dragon will weaken the troops and absorb the damage while the archers are finishing the other troops without anything shooting them.
  • Fireball: This card we will use when we get too many troops, and we have nothing that can stop them, throwing the fireball most of the troops will fall. Except those who have a lot of life but will give us a little time due to the backwardness that this exerts on the troops.
  • Barbarians: The Barbarians are going to serve us as much for attack as for defense, the barbarians are excellent defending cards that have a lot of life like the Hog Rider, Giant, etc. To attack if you launch with barbarian troops like the Hog Rider can get to knock down the tower.
  • Archers: These Archers are going to be very useful in defense as mentioned before but they are also good in attack to have enough damage. Releasing the archers behind the Hog Rider will absorb the damage from the tower while the archers attack the tower directly.
  • Hog Rider: This card is the star of our deck, it’s going to be the one that will carry out most of the offense, but we’ll have to be careful not to get distracted since it will distract itself with all kinds of defensive buildings.
  • Lighting: This will be the letter that we will use to destroy the letters of defensive buildings that the enemy places to us in front of their towers. Having a lot of life will end most of the life of these defensive cards.
  • Tesla: This will be our special defensive building that we’ll always put right in the middle of our battle side. He will defend us from all the enemy troops, so he will be ahgí to help us distract and reduce the life to the enemy forces, in the case that they attack us with troops of great life will provide us a little more time.

Battle in Clash Royale

First, we have to consider how a campaign builds in Clash Royale.

  1. The result can be Victory, Defeat or Draw.
  2. The campaign will last at most four minutes. Of those four minutes, three of them will be the regular match and the last minute will be the sudden death where the first one that destroys a tower will be the one that will win (in case the three first minutes finish in a tie).
  3. The last two minutes of starting elixir production will double.

When we start the battle the first thing we will have to do is wait for our elixir bar to fill to the maximum when we have done it, we expect to see if our enemy releases any cards, if we see that he does not have two ways to start. The first of these will be to put the Tesla in the middle of our side if it has left us at the beginning, the second will be to release troops that cost little elixir and to structure our attack. We do not have to go crazy losing cards because we will have no cards or elixir to defend ourselves. As we know each person can have a different deck so the first few seconds we will notice the opponent’s cards and the cards that can finish ours, not to stumble more than once with the same stone. What we are going to do is always put the Tesla as it comes out because it will help us distract the enemy cards and give us a little more time that can be fundamental. The Tesla will not do miracles we have to help him on defense and try to go to counterattack.

With what we attack we will know that your cards will be distracted, so we will release a Baby Dragon with some archers to defend us. And if we are lucky we can attack with these same troops if they have not killed them, all we have to do is release a Hog Rider together With the Baby Dragon and the Archers. The tower will be distracted with the Dragon while the Hog Rider and the archers will be in charge of weakening the tower to pleasure. Once they have killed our troops by having the mirror card we can try to make another attack with Hog Rider, but it is not recommended since now it will have elixir to defend itself, and we will lose a precious elixir for our defense.

We prepare to defend ourselves, and the first thing we will do is place another Tesla, it is entirely possible that the enemy I have a Hog Rider is one of the most used cards in Clash Royale. The Tesla will force the Hog Rider to move to where the Tesla is in Which will fire our two towers. Although it is not necessary, we can release some Barbarians to assure us the defense besides that these will serve us later to go back to the attack releasing only Archers behind.

Clash Royale Mobile Example

Once we have destroyed your tower, you can do two things. The first one will defend us as we can so that the tower does not fall to us and win the game, or we can go to its other tower to make sure the game, although this last one will have its drawback because they can lay our tower. If we throw our tower we will have to go to its second tower by force, so will have to throw troops as soon as we lose our tower since left with a slight advantage of elixir and we have to make use of it. While the troops we have used to defend advance we make a small incursion on the side of the enemy tower exactly as we have with the other. In this, we can clear a little the way to the Hog Rider while we take life to the tower throwing during the Hog Rider a Fireball or Lightning.

We have to keep in mind that the first one that destroys a tower will have a slight advantage, but also it is necessary to say that in Clash Royale the same thing that you are winning suddenly you are losing, so there is no need to be lost.

If you have any doubt about the cards in this deck, you can see them in Discover all the cards of Clash Royale. Remember to visit other guides about how to get Clash Royale free gems to keep improving in the game. Share with us all your suggestions or doubts through the comments on the web.

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